Anybody that has ever endured drywall in their home recognizes that eventually a door can get slammed open a furniture piece smacked from the wall, as well as other incident can create a gouge, an opening or perhaps a scratch within the drywall that must definitely be fixed. When individuals occasions happen, escape your tools and make a start: you don’t need to employ a contractor in the future in and patch your drywall, it is a relatively simple fix that you could handle yourself!

The very first factor you will need really are a couple of essentials to handle job right:

A drywall repair package.

Clean tin can lid.


Keyhole saw.

Thin wire or string.

Scissors or wire cutters.

Scrap wood.

Putty knife.

Drywall patching compound.


Primer and paint.


The simplest way to repair any drywall repair project would be to buy a drywall repair package out of your local home improvement center. Ensure you appraise the hole that requires fixed and purchase the right package to do the job. For instance, a drywall patch for any ceiling is thicker than a single for any wall.

Once you are prepared to begin, remove any loose paper or plaster round the edges from the hole, then apply drywall patch, following a manufacturer’s instructions.

To create a repair to some small drywall hole with no package, follow these instructions:

Step One:

Prepare tin can lid that’s a minimum of 11/2 ” more across than hole in drywall for backing piece. Use keyhole saw to reduce narrow horizontal slit in wall on every side of hole. Measurement of hole plus both narrow slits should equal diameter of lid so that you can insert lid sideways into hole.

Step Two:

Use awl to punch two holes in center of lid. Thread 12-inch bit of wire or string through holes.

Step Three:

Holding ends of wire, slide lid through slit. Still holding wire, pull lid toward you until it’s flat against within wall. Can lid ought to be held firmly against within wall.

Step Four:

Use putty knife to use premixed drywall patching compound over patch following manufacturer’s instructions. Pack the compound in to the hole, ensure that is stays inside. Don’t spread it on wall surface. Leave patch slightly low, and create level it. Let patch dry until it turns vibrant white-colored, typically a minimum of 24 hrs. When dry, cut string or wire and take away stick.

Step Five:

To complete patch, grow it completely with increased patching compound to create patch level with wall surface. Let dry, gently sand area, prime, and paint.

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