The question arises whether it is possible to start repairing such complex equipment as an air conditioner independently without recourse to specialists. And it is interesting to everyone who has purchased and installed in this home climate equipment. However, before finding the answer to this question, it is necessary to familiarise yourself with the problems that may arise during the operation of the climate system. There are many causes of breakdowns of air conditioners. The most common problems encountered in the effective operation of climate equipment, and leading to the need to repair the air conditioner, are as follows.

The Effects

The air conditioner reduces the production of heat or cold. Condensation starts to flow due to blocked drainage. It is not possible to turn on equipment that refuses to respond to commands sent by the control panel. There is an unpleasant smell when the air conditioner works. Just as the Phoenix HVAC maintenance you will have to ensure the proper maintenance of your AC.

The Complications

If the air conditioner reduces the production of heat or cold, it means that it uses energy in vain, and does not fulfil its primary function. Therefore, it is necessary to know what caused the decline in equipment performance and how to fix the problem.

Reducing the power

There are various reasons, the main ones of which can be considered as Freon leak. Freon is the central element of the air conditioning system, without which its work is impossible. Leakage can occur for technological reasons, and also happens by chance. Checking the air-tightness of the air conditioner and refuelling is necessary.

Failure of Components

Hence, the operation of the evaporator, compressor, fan, valves, sensors or any control elements is broken. At the same time, it is necessary to replace faulty components with new parts. These include jumps, dips and voltage drops. These problems are taken into account when connecting the climate equipment to the home electrical networks.

Clogged filters

This is the most common reason why the performance of climate equipment is affected. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the filters periodically and timely to clean the filter elements, which include the impeller and fan, clean the airway cavity. Cleaning of all units is carried out according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, specified in the instructions issued to the air conditioner.

Diagnosis of malfunctions

However, it is possible to clog not only the filters but also other interiors of the air conditioner. They also require periodic cleaning. Otherwise, there are unpleasant problems, one of which is the flow of drainage. The drainage pipeline is not insured against the settling of debris, which leads to clogging of the pipes. As a result, the liquid in the indoor unit of the air conditioner flows outward, making puddles on the floor in the room.

This is an extremely unpleasant phenomenon. Eliminate leakage by performing a thorough cleaning of the drainage channel (remove foreign particles from it). In winter, leakage may occur due to the clogging of the tube with an ice cork.  The optimal solution is to clean the evaporator, or additionally refill the air conditioner with Freon. You can take the lessons from the Phoenix HVAC maintenance.

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