If your house is infested by rodents or insects then often your stomach may get upset. Termites, rats or cockroaches can create many different problems in the household. Some of them can cause health problem while some can disturb the integrity of your home. If your house is infected by cockroaches then it can cause serious problem in the long run.

Let us try to understand about cockroaches briefly here. This insect can be found in most of the houses. They may be of different size, colour and shape. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 30 species of cockroaches, and 4 of them are the common pests that are found in almost all homes.

Cockroaches are omnivorous, which means that they can feed on almost anything that they come across. Typically, they are always hunting for food and looking for breeding grounds, and homes are the best sources to find food in the form of waste.

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Where they live generally?

Cockroaches prefer warm climate where the temperature may be little above 70ᵒ F. Humid and dark places are most suitable for them. They do not like to be in bright light and thus they don’t prefer sunlight.

Normally, when you switch off the lights at night, they come out in search of food. You will find them moving around the house. During day light they will again go back to their hiding place. They are often found near the garbage, as they can find their food there.

There are about 4000 cockroach species around the word that inhibit an array of climates. Adult cockroach can survive without food for an extended period. Sometimes even for a month. However, they cannot survive in places without moisture.

How can they cause allergy?

Wherever the cockroaches move they leave their traces behind in the form of saliva or some of their body parts may fall off. These parts are the potential causes of allergies and also create asthmatic condition too.

Cockroach may carry serious diseases. You may get infected by diseases like typhoid, polio, dysentery or diarrhea.

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