In over 30 experience within the Electrical contracting industry I’ve made the next stark observation.

People appear to have their priorities wrong when spending their “precious” money on do it yourself or maintenance.

They appear to handle the visual as opposed to the practical. What i’m saying with this is the fact that people on numerous occasions make appearance their priority over functionality and safety.

An average and customary example may be the recently wedded couple who would like their recently purchased, old the place to find look wonderful, so that they obtain a painter and decorator in and begin a painting project with no considered what lies underneath the the surface of their ceilings and walls.

They might require a complete or partial rewire, this is definitely more essential compared to splash of paint it self.

On the other hand the wiring may be in relatively working order plus they can go on and paint. It is advisable to inside your electrician to check on this, it’s better safe than sorry.

Another thought before painting your office or home is the fact that possibly you might need a couple of more lights a brand new switch or newer and more effective power points, all this should be thought about and installed before you decide to paint or start to ready your ceilings and walls for painting.

Don’t think that i’m overlooking the significance of Painting your house. A brand new colour is refreshing and soothes the soul. It’s uplifting, inspiring and demonstrates your fine choice in fashion and colour many occasions regarding this constitutes a statement in regards to you. The home feels and looks great, it feels new again and also the freshly colored home will cost a much better cost compared to home in dire will need a splash of paint.

On the other hand the freshly rewired home looks very little dissimilar to what it really appeared as if prior to the rewire, possibly new power points and switches could be observed and perhaps a brand new switchboard, that is usually from sight and from mind too. Where has the money gone. It’s certainly less visible like a beautiful splash of paint.

For those who have new wiring to your house with multiple safety switches/combination circuit breakers you’re making your house a great deal safer for that “finish user” that’s you and your family members, additionally you’re stopping a potential fire or perhaps worse injuries or lack of existence.

Call your electrician today and let her know that you’re considering painting and may she just visit if there’s whatever reason not to paint immediately. Your electrician may well be a male much like me not to mention there’s nothing wrong with this.

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