In light of a recent analysis put forth by the Health and Safety Executive, it is estimated that approximately two out of every five accidents involving a harrowing fall from height occur as the direct result of a substandard or improperly positioned ladder. To make matters worse, these types of incidents cause hundreds upon hundreds of extended absences from work and they are responsible for upwards of 20% of fatalities on UK worksites.

In this regard, you have to recognise the crucial role of contemporary access towers and how they can help you stay safe, secure, and productive irrespective of the undertaking in question.

What Are the Most Prominent Uses for Access Towers?

As the pinnacle of versatility and dependability for working at elevations, you can utilise access towers for any job and in a virtually infinite number of environments:

  • Residential DIY projects around the house
  • Industrial settings that necessitate vertical adaptability
  • Construction ventures, roofing, siding, and building maintenance
  • Storage facilities
  • Cameras, lighting, and other iterations of stage work
  • Surveying and structural inspections

In stark contrast to bulky lifting machinery and unreliable ladders, an access tower can take anyone’s operational flexibility to the next level without losing any convenience, movability, or expediency.

What Kind of Issues Can I Avoid with an Access Tower?

When addressing all of the potential mishaps that can arise when performing tasks and handling tools at height, access towers that feature an ample platform enable to you to mitigate the following risks and perils:

  • Losing your footing and falling from an elevated plane
  • Mechanical injuries that stem from handling unwieldy equipment
  • Damaged tools and utensils
  • Being struck by falling objects
  • Unprotected slips and lost footing
  • Improper installation of a complex scaffold

When compared side by side with lifting apparatuses, ladders, cherry pickers, and other elevation instruments, access towers decrease the chances of an sustaining an injury or accident by more than 50%.

What Are the Operative Advantages of Access Towers?

If you link up with an esteemed supplier of access towers, builder’s trestles, and podium steps, you’ll gain instant access to a full breadth of products that come with wide-ranging benefits:

  • Battle-tested constructs that are fabricated from heavy-duty pre-galvanised steel and other augmented materials that can withstand the test of time
  • Extraordinarily lightweight components and intuitive assembly processes
  • Portability inclusions that allow you to effortlessly move the equipment around your work area and transfer it from site to site
  • Modernised stabilisation features and custom-manufactured guardrails
  • Endless selection of podium elevations and dimensions to account for any kind of project
  • Modifiable foundations that can adhere to rough, imbalanced, or asymmetrical terrains

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that you can purchase a spacious, adjustable access tower for just a small fraction of what you’d need to spend on a bespoke scaffolding installation, which is particularly advantageous for cost-conscious individuals who prefer having their own solutions at the ready.

As such, acquiring an access tower is basically a no-brainer so be sure to take a few minutes to head over to the landing page of your local supplier and browse through the expansive collection of access products on offer. If you come across any issues or need assistance with the decision-making process, you can also obtain readily available guidance from a considerate expert by phone.

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