Swansea contains stunning architecture that reveals a history that created this Welsh seaside community. Considering that structures built inside the Middles Ages continue being standing is evidence of the quantity of craftsmanship and opulence created with this particular city’s proper seaport location. From cottages to castles, reminders in history us us dot the landscape like jewels a part of a modern day tapestry.

The first surviving structure could be the Swansea Castle, which has survived many assaults since it was built-within the 1100s. Remains from the once sprawling fortress are really encircled by contemporary glass structures, developing a stark contrast involving the past as well as the present. This medieval fortress was built of wood, but was reconstructed in stone after it absolutely was heavily damaged inside the wars involving the British as well as the Welsh. The attractive great factor concerning the stone curtain walls, round turrets, arched home home windows and arrow slits certainly are a silent indication in the proper requirement for this hilltop fort.

Another impressive structure that discusses yesteryear could be the Dylan Thomas Literature Center of Wales, which was built-in 1825 may be the original town hall of Swansea. The sandstone facade is extremely decorated with Corinthian posts, numerous arched home home windows and doorways, and sprinkled with statues of gargoyles. It’s named for Swansea’s most infamous author in residence, Dylan Thomas, who authored lots of his poems and short tales about his hometown.

This Mixture Keys Inn can be a quaint Victorian style restoration that claims may be the earliest public house in Wales. Built online from the fourteenth century hospital, the gabled roofs and Tudor style home home windows pay homage for the craftsmanship in the ancient, and a vacation to this pub is similar to taking a step back in history.

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