Forever of civilization there there’s been furniture. We call antique furniture today the pieces that exemplify design for the Medieval Ages with the Victorian.

Some people imagine residing in these occasions every time we see this kind of furniture. Possibly the benefit of antique furnishings are, the concept that what’s now old used to be completely new, and every piece includes a story to inform.

Furniture stores today, seem to be interested in supplying contemporary pieces. While these kinds of designs are appealing and delightful themselves, there’s something truly romantic about antique furniture. Aged furnishings are sturdy and thoroughly crafted. It clearly reflects the time of their time. It doesn’t matter what sort of antique furniture, these pieces of art will always be a bit that informs several story.

While there are many periods of antique furniture to choose from, the next three styles are the most distinct and searched for after.

1. The Medieval Period (roughly fifth – 16th centuries)

Within the Dark Ages, the primary materials to create furniture was oak unsurprising because this wood was easily available and it has shown to be very sturdy throughout history. Some adornments were simple while some were complex. Oversized chests are similar to today, and were typically produced from tree trunks. Today features works which are very relevant in the current furniture world: simplistic furnishings made from durable materials candlelight fixturesstencils/carvings in herald-like designs vibrant fabrics tapestries to pay for walls and medieval weaponry as decor (i.e. shields and armor).

2. The Renaissance Period (roughly 14th to 17th centuries)

The Renaissance Period is renowned for decoration, including elaborate walls, magnificent architecture and embellished wood. Patterns were a lot more significant than accessories like gems and gemstones. Rope beds (rope patterns are engraved) – grew to become popular during this time period. Furniture within the Renaissance are only able to be referred to as masterpieces of the high art.

3. The Victorian Period (from 1837 – 1901, during Queen Victoria’s reign)

During Queen Victoria’s reign the furniture’s primary characteristic was excessive curvature. Featuring dark polishes, extremely popular wood types are mahogany and walnut. Comprehensive floral designs and embellished upholstery can also be prominent, and marble is frequently seen atop tables and dressers. Victorian furniture constitutes a statement – there’s nothing simplistic relating to this style.

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